Portrait of Thomas Hill, Esq., by John Linnell

Portrait of Thomas Hill, Esq.

Creator: John Linnell [1792-1882]. Signature reads “I. (John) Linnell F. (Fecit) 1831”
Date: 1831
Dimensions: 13 x 10 inches
Date Acquired: 2013-01-22
From Where?: Dover, New Jersey (US)

This purchase more than made up for my previous mistakes and losses (see Failures). This was truly a sleeper, and one that has proved beyond any doubt to me the value of art collecting and connoisseurship. This painting and its subject both have an extensive documented history that the seller didn’t know about, including a published etching of the portrait. The only thing provided in the listing was the Wikipedia entry for the artist, John Linnell. I am convinced that the information that I found after receiving the painting, along with better quality photographs, would have at the very least doubled or tripled the price of the auction had it been disclosed. Charles Dickens wrote fondly to him. Coleridge wrote a poem about him at the urging of Thomas’ friend, Theodore Hook. All of the documentation can be found below:

Additional information about this object


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