Copy after Léon-Jean-Bazille Perrault’s Inspiration, by Victor C.

Creator: Victor C.
Date: 20th Century
Dimensions: 10 x 8 inches
Date Acquired: 2013-06-06
From Where?: Madison, New Jersey (US)

This also really impressed me by how much quality was offered for the price. This was elegantly painted and composed and in approximately the same ratio of figure to background as John Linnell’s portraits, which was my gold standard. The subject matter calls to mind Bouguereau. The Calliope was also one of two paintings that I have intentionally purchased frames for. I purchased the frame later on, because I love tabernacle frames and occasionally look for them, and when I saw that this frame was the same size as Calliope in Reverie I couldn’t resist.

Additional information about this object

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