British Watercolor Portrait, by Unidentified

Creator: Unidentified
Date: Circa 1830s
Dimensions: 7 x 9 inches
Date Acquired: 2014-10-19
From Where?: Worcester, Worcestershire (UK)

This was my first watercolor purchase, an unidentified British portrait of a young lady. The outrageously elegant and refined brushwork is comparable to that of the Portrait of Thomas Hill, Esq., by John Linnell. I wouldn’t be surprised if Linnell was responsible for painting this! Having grown up in Boston, almost all of the watercolors that I have ever seen in person have been by John Singer Sargent, so it was refreshing to find a watercolor that relied on beautiful drawing and subtle modelling. There is nothing haphazard here, it is arguably the single most beautiful portrait in the collection so far. Someone suggested Thomas Lawrence, and while that appears plausible by looking at his oil portraits, I don’t have enough evidence.

Additional information about this object


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