Re: Serious collectors of reddit, what do you collect and what made you start your collection?

I collect oil paintings, sculptures and artifacts. I was inspired to do this for many reasons:

  • For most of these objects I was the only bidder, so I felt a personal responsibility for buying them and sharing what I can about them–in the same way that museums present their objects with historical and literary supplements. I do extensive research while the auction is live so I can get a handle on what I’m looking at, and then I present this information on the site if I purchase it. The objects usually have much more cultural and aesthetic significance than the sellers seem to recognize.
  • There is a history of collectors that I want to participate in.
  • There is an overwhelming need for collectors of traditional art to preserve cultural memory. We live in a culture where books in libraries that don’t get checked out after so many years are thrown away to make room for the new ones. The same thing is happening to art and architecture, and this is a devastating betrayal of cultural heritage for us and for posterity. Primary documents of history are being permanently erased for the sake of space-saving.
  • Art seemed to be the only reliable way to encounter a sincere devotion to religion and mystical or sublime beauty.
  • Art also seemed to be, ultimately, the best way to spend money, and therefore the best motivation for working hard at my job.

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